New Bill Offers Disability Social Security Beneficiaries a Pathway Back to the Workforce


Americans who are on disability social security may soon find themselves back to work the moment they are able to. A new proposed bill in Congress aims to give recovering beneficiaries a pathway back to the workforce. This would give them the chance to start their life over after going through a series of medical treatments and recovery.

Earlier this year, Rep. French Hill, R-Ark. had introduced the Social Security Disability Insurance Return to Work Act of 2017 in the House of Representatives. On the other hand, Senators Tom Cotton, R-Ark.; Mike Lee, R-Utah; and Marco Rubio, R-Fla. introduced a companion bill in the Senate.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities need to be aware of these proposed changes so they can properly assess their patients’ eligibility for the program.

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Why Eligibility for Social Security Disability Remains a Challenge for Some

The difficult process of filing for benefits is causing the social security disability program to fail many of the people it’s supposed to serve. A combination of administrative inadequacy and far too rigorous requirements have only managed to deny benefits to some deserving claimants. This provides hospitals and healthcare institutions with an opportunity to improve their revenue cycle management processes by helping their patients with SSDI eligibility problems.

Background on SSDI

The social security disability program was created to help people who are unable to work due to a disability. In the event that able-bodied individuals suddenly become injured or fall ill, they can have some financial relief to look forward to.

These benefits are also extended to children who suffer from disabilities or conditions that prevent them from fully functioning. The extension of the benefits to disabled children is meant to relieve parents of the cost of providing for whatever special needs they may have.

This, however remains to be only an ideal for some people. In fact, even if they have been religiously contributing, they may still find it difficult to meet the requirements for eligibility for social security disability. Read more on this article:

CMS Looking at New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options by 2018

Even as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as Obamacare, survives to live another day, the seeds of doubt have already been planted in the minds of the insurers. Is it on its way to a more sustainable future, or is this but a temporary reprieve from the threat of repeal and removal?

Waiting in the Dark

For most health insurers, it’s a lot like a waiting game–and in the dark, too. The new administration had been very vocal about providing a new model for the health insurance marketplace, but this confidence was doused by failure to gain approval from Congress. As a result, many of the providers are choosing to tread lightly, opting not to commit fully about staying on in the program, at least until the new administration does offer a clearer stand about what it intends to do about healthcare policies. Read more on this article: