Revenue Cycle Management Companies Discuss the Likely Impact of the Proposed ACA Repeal



Many Americans, healthcare facilities and revenue cycle management experts are preparing for the possible effects of the proposed changes in the country’s healthcare policy. In recent years, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have expanded its health coverage to at least 20 million people. It also offers insurance subsidies and other provisions, as well as, takes out insurance lifetime caps and includes pre-existing conditions. By making it easier for Americans to get insured, the ACA provides easier access to medical care, regardless of their status.

Under the new administration, however, there’s a possibility that the ACA could be repealed and replaced by new policies. These plans are keeping healthcare facilities on their toes. With the impending repeal expected to affect millions of Americans relying on healthcare insurance, these changes will have a direct effect on healthcare revenues as well. Read more from this blog.




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