Social Security Disability: Support for Children

As the government continues its efforts to improve the nation’s health care system, there are now more programs aimed at protecting the rights and needs of children. Among them include Social Security disability for children to receive cash benefits and health insurance, so they can receive treatments from hospitals in the most efficient way possible.

As a health care provider to disabled patients, you can add value to the services you give by informing their families about the application process for such benefits. You can let them know about their options, and how these programs can greatly support them when it comes to medical costs.

Benefits for Children with Disabilities

The Social Security Administration (SSA) follows certain criteria for assessing the extent of disability of a child. The physical condition, age of the child, and length of time of the disability are only some of the factors looked into. Doctors and medical professionals are the go-to persons that the SSA consults to get pertinent medical data on the child patient.

For Children of Disabled Patients

If a parent is disabled or has become disabled, there is a possibility for the SSA to grant benefits to the spouse or the minor children. If approved, they can also get cash payments and coverage for medical expenses if needed.

To get more information on the determination process and other requirements of the SSA, you can refer your patients to the specialists.


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