Patient-Centered Care Means Higher Ratings

To find out what makes patients happier in a hospital, a research group from Johns Hopkins University (JHU) performed a survey of more than 50 leading medical establishments across the nation. Published in August 2015 in the Medical Care journal, the group found that simple tweaks to a hospital staff’s style of service can truly boost the satisfaction of patients.

Patient Satisfaction

For a hospital to be profitable, it needs to have patients who are happy with the services provided. This also means that they will also be happy to pay, and they will likely recommend your institution to others. Sources explain that patient-centered care is now a worldwide trend, wherein staff are more attentive to patient needs, and where hospital amenities are improved to address them better.

The JHU survey found that more than 77% of the hospitals have a strong commitment to their patients and their families, and this has greatly contributed to the high level of performance of all the staff.

A Proactive Approach

Another key factor to success is the pro-active approach of nurses and doctors, who constantly go on rounds to check on each and every patient. Plus, higher management and hospital directors have also been found to be doing rounds as well, ensuring that all patients and their families are well cared for.

More information on improving your hospital operations can be provided to you by specialists. If you would like to find out more on healthcare revenue cycle management, including the tools and techniques you can use, they can surely help you out.


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