Social Security: Consulting with Doctors

As a hospital, you have likely come across patients who are in need of financial assistance to pay for their medical expenses. This is a common scenario, one that the government has continually addressed through various reforms and programs.

If you have a patient suffering from a disability, Social Security benefits may be applied for them. In this way, they need not worry about covering for their hospital bills, and they also have a means of providing for their dependents or families.

Assessing Eligibility

When your patients apply for Social Security disability benefits, their cases are to be checked by assessors from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Among the primary questions they will ask include the cause of the disability, the extent of the impairment, and if the patient can recover after some time and return to his or her employment.

Doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff are vital during this application process, as every piece of medical evidence must be signed and certified to be true. Some examples of documents that may be requested by the SSA include: medical history, laboratory tests, x-rays, lists of medication, lists previous or recurring treatments and the patient’s responses to them, any physical and mental limitations of the patient, and more.

Should you need more information on what evidentiary requirements are needed by the SSA, you can speak to the specialists. With years of experience and with a high approval rate, these consultants can check your patient’s application forms, answer your queries about the data to be presented, and guide you and your patient every step of the way.



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