How Technology is Shaping Revenue Cycle Management

Technology is constantly changing our world, especially in the healthcare industry. It is being used in the following ways, bettering the revenue cycle management for your hospital and giving patients more of a voice.

Social Media

As technology changes, so should the way your hospital communicates with patients on a regular basis. Social media, for example, is being used to build a rapport with patients. Basic information is provided across these communication lines, with the intent of making it easier for patients to have better healthcare overall and gain access to helpful resources.

Social media is also being used to gather feedback, so that flaws within different systems are addressed and fixed as quickly as possible. You need to be careful with this strategy, though. Make sure social media is being used strictly for connecting with patients.


With an increasing patient demand and a high amount of data flowing through different channels, it is becoming more important for your hospital to utilize an EDW (enterprise data warehouse). This type of analysis software lets users across different platforms, both technical and nontechnical, analyze real-time data.

Financial data, more specifically, can be compared side-by-side, allowing your hospital to make better decisions for greater profits and better care. Also thanks to EDWs, it won’t take as long to assess and make sense of important data.

Technology in the healthcare industry necessitates change, and for the better. That’s the only way you can manage patient information effectively and reduce costs in different areas.


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