Trends That are Shaping the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has seen its fair share of changes recently. The addition of the Affordable Care Act is just one of many strategies used to make getting health insurance easier. Developments like this will continue to happen, in hopes of better care for all.

More Informed Patients

Because of the Internet, patients have many resources to use when researching their treatment options and medical care. Price calculators, for example, make it easy for patients to weigh the quality of care and costs of different policies.

Consequently, they are more capable of choosing an affordable policy from the health insurance marketplace. This helps physicians in the end, too, because their patients are more likely to come through on their deductibles.

An Increase in Quality Measures

A lot of money is spent in the healthcare industry, yet it still isn’t perfect. Fortunately, the federal government is starting to take notice and they have a solution: a national quality strategy. The goal of this concept is to improve the overall quality of healthcare while reducing costs.

One way to ensure quality healthcare is to create measures that assess how well providers are doing their job. Patient satisfaction scores, for instance, are being used more often because they let healthcare stakeholders, physicians, and managers see what is working and what is not. Change can then be implemented in hopes of better serving patients.

Improvements are being made every day to ensure patients get quality treatment and have the means of finding insurance that is affordable.


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