Patient Application for Social Security Disability

Having a disability inevitably affects a person’s capacity to generate income. The government recognizes the challenges that a disability may bring to a family or an individual, and has created various financial assistance programs. One of this is the disability social security, which basically means that benefits will be paid to the disabled and their family, for as long as they are insured.

Defining Insurance

In the context of disability social security, being insured means that the one applying for disability social security has been paying social security taxes. This does not make a person automatically eligible for this benefit, though. They will have to pass the screening process using their Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool to determine their eligibility, and which specific programs can take upon their case.


Foremost among the various requirements for a disability social security would be the applicant’s medical records, as provided by your hospital. A comprehensive update on their medical condition–including doctor’s visits, treatments, and medication–will have to be disclosed for assessment, so you have to ensure that your organization will be able to provide the complete requirements for your patient.

The social security agency will be looking into the severity of the patient’s condition, the progress they have made from the time they acquired the disability and the effects of the treatments they’ve had, as well as what types of work and how much work they had been capable of carrying out after the fact. The decision to approve or deny their application for disability benefits will then be made based on these.


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