Helping Patients with Social Security Disability

For disabled patients, Medicaid and Medicare are extremely important for dealing with medical conditions or mental disabilities. As a hospital, you can help patients receive these awards by taking these measures.

Check Their Claim Status

If patients have been waiting on a decision for more than six months, you’ll need to check the status of their claim. Have them contact Social Security to get in touch with a representative; they’ll be able to give your patients an update. Doing this online may be a little more time-efficient, and they’ll need to know their confirmation number and passcode.

Hire Eligibility Experts

Since most of your patients have never dealt with this process, it helps to give them assistance from an eligibility expert. This professional has been trained extensively to handle SSI/SSDI tracking and monitoring. They can take your patients through the application process, making sure there are no errors.

The filing process is complex, but your patients have assistance through the initial application process, reconsideration process, the hearing process, and the appeals council review, if need be. Since these experts have direct contacts to those who work in Social Security’s Central Operations & Field Offices, your patients’ cases can get expedited.

Helping patients receive disability social security for their condition or illness is important for maintaining a positive relationship. Then, they’ll know exactly where to go if they need medical assistance or advice.

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