The Delicate Balance of Caring for Disabled Kids

According to statistics, about 8% of kids under 15 years old have a disability. And of that number, about half of them are deemed severe. Given these numbers, hospitals are often caught in an awkward spot. On the one hand, they want to provide excellent care for these frail patients. On the other hand, the cost of caring for them is considerable, and sometimes the family doesn’t have the financial wherewithal to pay off hospital bills.

A Financial Challenge

According to a study published by the organization The Future of Children, the average cost of caring for kids with disabilities is about $30,000. This huge sum already takes into account safety net programs, including charity funds for hospitals.

There are also a couple of statistics that shed light into the financial difficulties encountered by families seeking to provide quality healthcare for their disabled child. For one, figures suggest that disabled kids are often born into low-income families.

A Sound Solution

As such, it’s not surprising why many families can’t afford to pay their child’s medical bills. That being said, proper healthcare is vital in ensuring a disabled patient’s eventual recovery and the prevention of further complications. But when doctor’s visits, laboratory tests, and various procedures, hospitals also suffer as a result.

Luckily, children are qualified to receive social security disability benefits, though most parents are either unaware or too frazzled to apply for it. But there are now firms that specialize in helping hospital patients apply for SSD, making sure that more disabled patients get the most out of this program. More importantly, such firms can help healthcare facilities minimize the amount of outstanding billings borne from such patient cases.


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