Caring for the Disabled and Your Bottom Line

A lot of people think that a hospital is just a place where doctors treat the sick. In reality, though, medical facilities treat a broad range of patients, not just the acutely ill.

As medical practitioners know, a considerable bulk of their clientele will also be the disabled. While the circumstances around their disability may vary–some caused by accidents, others disease–the disabled represent a significant portion of the country‚Äôs populace.

Of course, these patients require the best healthcare possible in order to recover from their disability as soon as possible. However, this is not always easy or possible. After all, a disability often prevents a person from working, which impacts their ability to make a living, and ultimately their capacity to pay for medical care.

This scenario also hurts hospitals. As medical professionals, doctors cannot turn away a patient in need, though there is no guarantee that said patient can eventually settle his or her bill. Further compounding the issue is the fact that the patient may require continuous consultations and tests over the course of his or her disability.

That being said, hospitals often find that patients might not be aware of disability benefits–or the fact that their ailment is considered debilitating. To help protect their bottom lines and still care for the disabled, many facilities are now employing eligibility experts to help assess patient cases and assist them will social security disability enrollment.


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