Healthcare Insurance: A Brief History

Healthcare insurance has been a hot topic since government-mandated health insurance took off and a lot of people stood confused. Healthcare is one of the most important aspects that the government must take care for its citizens. The initialization of Obamacare received mixed results. Some of the reactions were widely due to the failure of most healthcare application sites that popped up and eventually stopped working, making online application a hassle just as much as other means.

Another big topic when it came to Obamacare was the mandate that companies with 50 full-time employees must offer healthcare but this was only added on 2015, to allow these small companies to adjust.

With the earlier lack of development in this aspect, the US has gotten dire consequences, with one article from 2013 citing that US citizens have the worst health out of 17 countries. This is widely attributed to the lack of healthcare and a very unhealthy diet among the masses. Thankfully, with the introduction of healthcare insurance by the government.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare and, their online site for application. This new healthcare insurance marketplace caters to every citizen without an existing healthcare plan, and through this condition, essentially everyone would be having a healthcare plan to support through medical costs they might accrue.

Healthcare insurance through the annual open enrollment registration ends this January 31st. After this date, there are online marketplaces where healthcare coverage is offered still. Citizens are greatly urged to apply.

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