Factors that Affect Your Eligibility for Benefits

The Social Security Administration is infamous for its thorough evaluation process of claimants. According to NOLO, 70 percent of all disability claims are denied the first time. Though the statistics vary per state, the numbers say that there is a huge possibility that you will get denied wherever you apply. Most get denied due to certain errors with the requirements they passed on to the SAA while some get denied due to the questionable credibility. Here are some things you need to avoid so the SSA will not doubt the validity of your condition.


Foolproof Paperwork


Nothing backs up a medical condition quite as strongly as credible paperwork. Whether it’s a statement from your physician or some other medical paperwork, keep it as proof. You will need to give this to the SSA to affirm your eligibility and that of your condition.


Treatment Efforts


If you refuse to take a certain prescription drug or undergo a treatment against your physician’s advice, there is a good chance to get denied. Turning down a valid treatment option makes your condition seem less serious to the SSA. You will have better chances if you actively seek out treatment for the symptoms you are experiencing.


Convincing Symptoms


It would also help if you had valid symptoms as proof of your condition to show for. This will help the SSA determine whether or not you are eligible to receive benefits. Just be careful not to overstate or downplay what you are experiencing.


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