Security in Revenue Cycle Management

Every medical practice and hospital have their own healthcare revenue cycle management processes to keep an eye on hospital funds. This is made possible and easier through utilizing the latest technology. With these advancements, however, come the risk of security threats. A breached network can lead to compromised information both for patients and hospitals. Security is an area that will always need improvements.


Protect Critical Assets


The first step of securing your process should be figuring out which critical assets and data need better protection. There may be certain vulnerabilities in the system that you would not be aware of until a threat appears. To avoid this, identify and classify which assets need to have the highest levels of protection. Individually securing these assets is a good first line of defense as well as something to fall back on should other measures fail.


Improve the System


Hospitals and healthcare organizations should make it a habit to keep their revenue cycle management processes up to date. No doubt that as technology continues to move forward, there will be new vulnerabilities. To ensure a secure system, there needs to be no weak points and backdoors that an attacker can use to his advantage. For instance, managing who can have free access sensitive data can limit security failures. Another good idea is to change passwords to key accounts as often as possible.


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