Social Security Fraud Risk during Application

Did you know that you can get in trouble with the Social Security Administration (SSA) if you lie or misinterpret any information regarding your eligibility for benefits? If found guilty, you can be convicted for Social Security fraud which is punishable by 15 years of incarceration or a $10,000 fine. Here are some information you should never get wrong, even unintentionally:

  1. Your Social Security Number
    Even if you just get one digit wrong, you can get in trouble. It will be worse if you use a false Social Security number, or one that isn’t yours, to qualify or increase the benefits you are liable to receive.
  2. Your Income or Wages
    Income is one of the most important eligibility factors the SSA looks at. If you lie about your income or even tell someone to lie for you, you are automatically committing fraud.
  3. Your Assets
    Some assets you own can affect your eligibility for one program but withholding such information is not worth the risk.
  4. Your Symptoms and Limitations
    Symptoms are also an important detail the SSA considers to determine an individual’s eligibility. If you exaggerate your symptoms and how it affects your daily life in order to get more benefits, it will be considered fraud.

The main takeaway here is just to be truthful about what you tell the SSA. You can hire someone to assist you during application and look over your papers to make sure there are no such errors.


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