Combating Claims Denial Now That Eligibility for Medicaid Has Expanded

Medicaid expansion under “Obamacare” is considered one of the biggest milestones in U.S. healthcare. It reaches out to the country’s poorest, covering almost half of all uninsured Americans. More people in states that have expanded Medicaid can now benefit from free or low-cost healthcare provided they meet certain income requirements, regardless of their family status, disability, and a lot of other factors that are typically considered in evaluating eligibility for Medicaid.

In the medical community, Medicaid expansion has garnered different reactions. The government agency is notorious for taking a long time to pay claims and for denying claims frequently. Additionally, some doctors even claim to be paid less than the actual cost of their services. It’s no surprise, therefore, that with all these reimbursement concerns, many physicians have avoided taking Medicaid patients even before the passage of the act.

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