Top 6 Requirements for Social Security Disability

The world of social security disability eligibility requirements can be confusing. Fine print and exclusions that use legalese can be difficult for any lay person or even medical personnel to understand. Note that these top six requirements must be attained for a person to be deemed eligible for SSDI.

A person who is currently working may not be eligible. People earning more than the government’s specified income requirements may also find their claims denied.

A disabling condition must be severe. For example, asthma controlled by inhalers is not disabling. A condition expected to result in death or permanent disability must be verified by a licensed medical doctor.

An acute medical event or illness does not meet eligibility requirements. For example, a fractured tibia would be expected to heal within six to eight weeks. A person’s disability must be proven to last for 12 months or longer for him to receive disability benefits.

Work Abilities
A condition that interferes with a person’s ability to do any work is typically accepted for social security disability claims; however, a person who can do other work(s) may be denied.

There are age requirements for social security disability, wherein only those over 18 years of age can receive SSDI benefits.

Functional Limitations
A person who is unable to perform basic functions related to holding down a job, such as lifting or walking, may be eligible. Other eligible functional limitations include mental incapacity, sight impairment, listening and attention span deficits.


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