Qualifying Conditions for Social Security

Though there is a list of qualifying conditions for Social Security Disability, it’s not an exhaustive list. Here are the requirements if your condition isn’t specifically stated.

Medically Determinable Ailment

In the words of the SSA itself, medically determinable ailments are anatomical, physiological, or psychological abnormalities that can be or has been established by valid clinical studies or laboratory testing. Medical reports should be available to support this.

Limited Capacity

The condition also needs to have limited your residual functioning capacity (RFC) in some way, which will hinge on the most demanding tasks that you can still do despite your incapacity. Here, an examiner will determine your exertional level, which is essentially your capacity to still lift or carry weight, and this can help identify the severity of your disability.


To determine just how bad your disability is, you will have to undergo extensive medical examination. This can either be demanded by the SSA (in which the federal agency may shoulder the financial aspects), or requested by your legal representative for appeal purposes in case your claim is denied.

If you’re not sure and need to confirm your social security disability eligibility, you can always depend on private firms to advise you on eligibility matters. Make sure that you confirm the chances of your eligibility before attempting to file your claim to avoid wasting all that time and money that you could have used to patch up your financial condition instead.


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