Phone Links in Hospital Operations

Telephone misuse can affect a healthcare practice’s revenue cycle management process. Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), healthcare providers are banned from using autodial systems to call up patient next of kin without their consent.

Complying with TCPA requirements

To comply with TCPA requirements regarding patient contact, your practice needs to verify three things: First, the identity of the patient receiving the call; second, that you have permission to contact the patient at that specific number with the technology used to generate the call, and; third, if you’re calling a mobile or residential phone.

Not sure if you’re complying? You can consult with the usual revenue cycle management companies that might have that particular legal service in their menu. Aside from TCPA compliance, such companies can help you achieve targeted bottom line solutions for your hospital. Get in touch with them to learn how they assist healthcare providers like you address these all too common revenue cycle challenges.

You owe it to your practice

What is revenue cycle management to you? If it means a lot, then contacting firms that can fill the gaps in your hospital’s current revenue cycle management process should be at the top of your list.


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