Get Paid Promptly: Revenue Cycle Management Tips

Revenue cycle management ensures that a healthcare facility regularly has sufficient funds to keep itself operational. To achieve this, it is important that insurance claims are processed promptly. Here are a few steps you can implement for better revenue cycle management:

  • Proper Training. The first step in ensuring that the insurance claims process goes as smoothly as possible is to train your staff to get the right information. With accurate information, the filing process can go much more smoothly. Additionally, a properly trained staff would know how to respond when something goes wrong, such as when a claim is denied.
  • Use the Latest Technology. It would also help to have an updated billing software, with features that can help in managing the billing and collection process, including tracking outstanding bills.
  • Keep Yourself Updated. The main stumbling block in the revenue cycle is when the claim leaves your office and enters the insurance company’s sphere. Claims can be misfiled, lost, delayed, or denied. Following-up on your claims application on a regular schedule ensures that it isn’t lost in the shuffle and is processed faster. This is especially needed for denied claims that you want to refile.


It will also help to work with services that offer solutions to revenue cycle concerns, such as those that help in identifying appropriate insurance plans for patients without coverage, or in processing and reviewing applications for Medicaid, SSDI, or similar benefits.


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