Impact of Medicaid Eligibility on Hospital Revenue Cycle Management

Needless to say, if you aspire to see progress in your bottom line, now is a good time for you to reassess your current RCM solution and make the necessary changes, not to mention that now is also the ideal time for you to get help on determining eligibility for Medicaid, Medicare, or Social Security benefits of patients. Then again, if you don’t have enough manpower and know-how when it comes to eligibility programs and disability claims, you can work with professionals like those from DECO who provide revenue cycle management improvement services.
By delegating certain aspects of your RCM to experienced professionals, you’ll be able to focus more on managing your facility and caring for patients. An advocate team will make sure that patients are well-informed of their eligibility and insurance options, allowing for a positive experience in your clinic or hospital—a boon for your reputation and future income. Moreover, confirming the eligibility of patients guarantee that you’ll have a lower denial rate and financial compensation will be given wherever it is due.


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