Really? You Can Shop For Health Insurance?

After the implementation of the Affordable Care Act on 2012, everyone now has a chance to acquire health insurance plans that are reasonably priced. Part of the Affordable Care Act, or the ObamaCare is a Health Insurance Marketplace for every state, which is, basically, an online shop for health insurance.

The Health Insurance Marketplace, primarily targeted for people below 65 years old (who will be automatically enrolled to Medicare), allows people in every state to choose their own health coverage, and each plan, called a qualified health plan, is assessed to make sure it complies with the requirements specified by the ACA for benefits, costs, and so on. However, you are only allowed to use the Marketplace if or until you are eligible for Medicare.

The Marketplace, sadly, is not a year-round program. The government usually opens enrollment for the Marketplace for two months, and usually starts around November. For instance, if you want to secure coverage for 2016, note that they will start opening enrollment by the middle of November until January.

Each state has varied health plans, however, and it’s best to first check for available plans in the Marketplace website before proceeding. For this year, President Obama has revealed that those who had bought health insurance in the Marketplace and opted not to switch plans would face substantial price increase, which could reach by as much as 20 percent. To know what healthcare plan suits you best, it’s always advisable to first talk to the experts.

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