Social Security Disability: Five Questions to Ask

One of the main problems with being disabled is that you aren’t able to work as hard as you used to, and this doesn’t even mean that you can automatically claim Social Security Disability. When you file your claim, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has to check whether you deserve to get such benefits. Here are the five questions to ask yourself to determine if your claim holds water:

  • Are you able to work? If you can still manage to put in enough work to earn more than $1,070 a month then you aren’t considered disabled. Most jobs earning around that level require more effort than the truly disabled can exert.

  • Is your condition “severe?” Your condition should be able to hinder your work or activities. Conditions that result in you being bedridden or using assistance devices like wheelchairs or crutches could be considered severe.

  • Is your condition on the list? The SSA has a list of debilitating conditions; if your condition is on it, then you’re automatically considered disabled and eligible for benefits.

  • Can you do the job you did before your condition? If it’s still not considered severe, then you must show that your condition is interfering with the performance of your job. If you can still carry out your old job, then there’s a final question.

  • Can you adjust to other work? The SSA assesses your condition and checks if you can do other types of work. If not, then you’re regarded as disabled.


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