Learn More about New Insurance Marketplace Options

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare, people should have better options available to them in terms of health insurance. The initial challenge of most Americans now is learning what the options are and how to take advantage of the new choices open to them. Here are a few of those options available to them:

  • Pre-existing condition coverage: In the past, people who suffered from pre-existing conditions weren’t able to sign up for health insurance or had to pay higher premiums than ordinary people. Considering that there over 129 million Americans with conditions ranging from cancer to asthma, this portion covers a large part of the market. However, with the new ACA, the program allows such individuals the chance to get the equivalent coverage as others.
  • Expanded insurance options: People can potentially pay a few hundred dollars less than they had to in the past. This is made possible by the new insurance plans that will be made available to enrollees, and the expansion of Medicaid in some states. With more choices available, a person can shop around for a more affordable plan.
  • More conditions and benefits are required: With the ACA’s implementation, health plans are available to secure health benefits in any one of ten categories for people who may need them; these categories include mental health, substance use, and maternity and newborn care, among others.

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