Misconceptions about Social Security Disability

Social security disability claims have long been shrouded in confusion and misconception, which, sadly, continue to this day. Here are some of the most common misapprehensions about these claims.

First-time claimants are always denied – The SSA has no regulation, policy, or formula of any sort that automatically denies first-time claimants whenever they apply. Approval statistics vary from every locale, and claims are more likely to be denied if people keep on applying for new ones instead of filing an appeal to reconsider previously denied claims.

The process is too complicated and not worth the struggle – People who haven’t been involved in the process inevitably get confused in the myriad of terms and guidelines. The process may have some confusing twists and turns, but that’s why special assistance firms exist to help people make headways in their applications.

Certain conditions ensure automatic approval – It depends. There are certain illnesses singled out from the SSA’s Impairment Listing Manual, but all other conditions require stringent documentation of evidence, which will be reviewed before making the decision on the claim.

Benefits aren’t big – The average monthly compensation for SSDI beneficiaries a year ago was about $1,919, or $23,000 a year. While such amounts may differ based on specific situations, the amount of compensation is seen as minimal for the needs of disabled individuals.

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